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The Information in this section is intended for healthcare professionals only.

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package on pharmacy shelves across Ukraine

by sales in physical terms

certification since 2002

investments are directed annually to new products

dosage forms

products with a focus on cardiology, neurology and pain management

products in the development portfolio

pharmaceutical company in the rating of sustainable businesses of Ukraine (Forbes, 2022)


Empowering healthcare professionals and patients to improve quality of life with science, innovation & availability.


At Darnytsia, we attract the best specialists and scientists, the latest pharmaceutical technologies, and progressive discoveries.

Adhering to the highest GMP standards, we are concerned about the availability of our products and their unconditional quality in 18 countries around the world.

90 years of trust among patients and the medical and research community inspire us to new pharmaceutical developments, and we, in turn, inspire everyone to take care of health at the highest level together with Darnytsia.

Our values

Conscious responsibility

We choose to make decisions and act for the company's long-term success. We recognize the impact each of us has on the entire team's results, therefore, we follow the principle of "Do as you would for yourself".
At the same time, we are ready to acknowledge our mistakes, learn from them, and correct them, gaining experience.


We are convinced that Darnytsia is the way it is thanks to the people who worked here before, make up the current team, and will join us in the future. We treat everyone as a unique individual, are responsive to the needs of others, value equality of rights and different points of view, and invest in people's development as an integral part of the company's success.
We see charity as a strategic contribution to the well-being of society. We integrate our efforts into comprehensive solutions to improve the nation's health, sustainable development initiatives and ethical business practices.


We are learning every day, challenging conventional beliefs, and testing new ideas. Thus, we create a safe space for exploration and implement the best solutions. All these changes, no matter how small, accumulate to become transformational and powerful achievements.
As a result, this culture enables us to quickly and successfully adapt to a volatile environment and manage uncertainties.

Sustainable Partnership

We create a collaborative environment where all parties are interested in mutual success, therefore, we opt for long-term well-being rather than short-term benefits. In our work, we leverage each other's strengths and work together because we have left hierarchical and functional limitations in the past.
Our strategy for cooperation goes beyond the organization — we establish external ecosystems and form strategic alliances to jointly achieve our goals, overcome challenges, and expand opportunities.

Inspiring Leadership

We form clear and compelling vision of the future. We trust our teams to make decisions and experiment on the path to success, as the leadership of the company is shaped by each individual's excellence in their respective field.
We lead by example, we demonstrate a commitment to doing what is right, not what is convenient. We create an environment where everyone feels heard and valued, providing constructive feedback to each other.We recognize individual achievements and celebrate shared victories.

Craving for Success

We constantly strive to achieve and exceed our goals, proactively seeking opportunities and setting new benchmarks. We maintain determination in the face of obstacles and persistently pursue our objectives.
A healthy spirit of competition encourages us to implement new technologies and innovative processes in a dynamic environment. Genuine enthusiasm and commitment to our cause energize and inspire us to do our best in the work.

Our team

Glib Zagoriy

Darnytsia Group

Glib Zagoriy

Executive Chairman, Board of Directors

Andrii Obrizan

Pharmaceutical company Darnytsia

Andrii Obrizan

Director General


People Department

Operating Unit


Technical Service


Sales & Logistics

Export & Hospital Sales

Rx Sales & Marketing

CBG Sales & Marketing

OTC Sales & Marketing

Business Development

Medical & Regulatory Affairs

Digital Transformation


Compliance, Сorporate & Legal

Corporate Communications

Hanna Demchenko

Hanna Demchenko

Chief Financial Officer

Hanna Demchenko

Chief Financial Officer

She possesses over 20 years of successful financial management in international companies in Ukraine and abroad.

In particular, she worked for Procter & Gamble and in a Polish division of the Austrian insurance group UNIQA. Furthermore, Anna has pharmaceutical industry experience - she was a financial manager in the Roche company in Ukraine, a division of the Swiss pharmaceutical company that produces biotechnological drugs for oncology and virology.

She obtained a higher economic education at the Kyiv National University of Economics, later she obtained an EMBA at the Warsaw Business School.

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