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14 March 2022

19th day of the war: How Darnitsa supports the state in the fight against the aggressor

14 March 2022

During the 19 days of military aggression, Darnitsa did hand over free of charge almost 600 thousand packages of medicines to the medical institutions and volunteer organizations that help the Ukrainian military and civilians.

The medicines produced by "Darnitsa" for a total amount of 26.6 million UAH have been free of charge provided to the Main Military Hospital, Kyiv City Clinical Emergency Hospital, Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 17, National Heart Institute, Okhmatdit clinics, Transcarpathian territorial Center for Emergency Medical Care, charitable foundations "Come back alive "and" Tabletochki", Zhytomyr City Council, Kozelets Intensive Care Hospital, AFU military units.

The company  imported at its own expense the strategic hemostatic Celox, which is of extreme importance for the army; 10,000 packages of this hemostatic drug are transferred free of charge to hospitals, Territorial Defense units, AFU units.

More than 100 employees of the pharmaceutical company are engaged in completing batches of drugs to support the army and hospitals. Now in the company's storage facility there are about 150 people, 39 of which are children of employees aged from 2 years. The company organized safe accommodation and meals for its staff families, as well as classes for children according to their age.

Production of even more strategically important categories of drugs for the country and the Armed Forces of Ukraine has resumed already: infusion solutions, ointments, tablets. Today, the company is not only doing everything possible to provide patients with the necessary medicines, but also is introducing to the market new medicines that meet the needs of situation under martial law.

Darnitsa missioned its employees with pharmaceutical education for providing free assistance to pharmacy chains as volunteer pharmacists. So far, more than 40 employees of the company with a pharmaceutical education have applied for a job in pharmacies on a volunteer basis.


PJSC pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" was founded in 1930. Since 1998, Darnitsa is the leader in Ukrainian pharma industry in terms of drug production in kind . Strategic areas of products portfolio development include cardiology, neurology, and pain management.

*RP № UA/8021/01/01

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