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«Darfen Express»: a new convenient method for dealing with pain from Darnitsa

Pain remains one of the main modern health problems, that is the most frequent reason for visiting doctors all over the world. Headache, toothache, aches as a result of high fever and the consequences of long-term injuries reduce workability and quality of life, and lead to psychoemotional disorders. Therefore, the pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa", which has identified the fight against pain as one of its priority areas of activity, keeps expanding the line of high-quality and accessible painkillers from the Darfen ® family.

The active substance of the new "Darfen Express" has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects, which is especially important for symptomatic treatment now against the background of an increase in the incidence of infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

«Darfen Express» is a suspension of ibuprofen in the form of a stick.  «Darfen Express» in a new and convenient package will be useful for mobile and dynamic Ukrainians who do not have time for rest and want to get free of pain or fever. Also for schoolchildren* who do not like pills and other dosage forms. In this form, the medication does not require the use of spoons, measuring cups and the like - you can simply open the stick pack and take the medicine that is optimally dosed.

As part of its mission - to help medical professionals and patients to improve the quality of life through science, innovation and the availability of medicines — Darnitsa pays special attention to the problems of pain. In 2021, the company launched a wide product line of the Darfen ® brand for the treatment of various manifestations of pain. "Darfen Express" does not need to be dosed or washed down with water, is the most successful solution for reliable anesthesia in any conditions

Darfen Express suspension has been available in domestic pharmacies since December 2021 and is available without a prescription in a dosage of 200 mg of ibuprofen per 10 ml of liquid. The beginning of analgesic and antipyretic action occurs within 30 minutes. In pharmacies, Darfen ® is represented by the local analgesic Darfen ® Gel and oral forms such as Darfen ® Long, Darfen ® Express, Darfen ® Kids and Darfen ® Forte Kids**. Thus, preparations in the form of gel, tablets and suspensions are produced under the tradename Darfen ®. The hydrogel patch "Darfen Ice Fit" is also a new product, it reached the shelves of pharmacies in November 2021. In total, in 2021, Darnitsa launched 22 new brands of medicines for solving the most urgent health problems among Ukrainians.


PJSC pharmaceutical company «Darnitsa» was founded in 1930. Since 1998, Darnitsa has been the leader in Ukraine in terms of the volume of production of medicines in kind. The strategic directions of the portfolio development are cardiology, neurology, and pain problem-solving. During the last five years, Darnitsa released 63 new pharmaceutical brands to the market.

* this medication is used for children from 6 years old according to the instructions

** Darfen ® Gel RP No. UA/18641/01/01, Darfen ® Long  RP No.  UA/18537/01/01, Darfen ® Express RP No.  UA/18783/01/01, Darfen ® Kids RP No.  UA/18549/01/01 and Darfen ® Kids Forte RP No. UA/18550/01/01

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