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19 June 2023

Darnytsia joined an international project on restoring Ukraine

19 June 2023

“Darnytsia” signed the Ukraine Business Compact agreement, thus joining the circle of companies that assumed an obligation to support the comprehensive reconstruction of Ukraine, in particular through the development of the healthcare sector.

What is Business Compact?

This is an agreement on the restoration of Ukraine, signed by interested companies from all over the world. It will be officially presented this year in London at the Ukraine Recovery Conference on June 21-22.

Business Compact is part of the Ukraine Recovery Conference project, which aims to help ensure the long-term economic future of Ukraine with the help of the private sector and in line with European standards and requirements.

The Ukraine Recovery Conference is developing a recovery plan for Ukraine, which contains 23 thematic sections, from investment and anti-corruption policies to the restoration of education and infrastructure. Needless to say, there is a plan for development of the health care sector that defines nine priority directions, which include among others the recovery of the pharmaceutical sector, improving the availability and proper use of medicines.

According to the creators of the plan, Ukraine has competitive advantages and growth potential that make it an attractive market for trade and investment both for domestic and international businesses. The purpose of this agreement is to strengthen support for Ukraine by business circles, investments in Ukraine and support for all-Ukrainian economic growth.

Why did “Darnytsia” join the agreement?

Pharmaceutical company “Darnytsia” shares the main principles of the Business Compact agreement, because we are trying hard to bring about the development of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry by prioritizing the needs of fellow citizens.

“Involvement in the Business Compact is our declaration of being ready to support our dear country by all means, not only during the war, but also in its revival after victory, in its pursuit of modernization, to build a stable and flexible economy. Helping those who need it has always been part of our corporate culture, and at a time when this support is needed by all of Ukraine, we cannot stand aside,” commented Andrii Obryzan, CEO of Darnytsia pharmaceutical company.


PrJSC Pharmaceutical Company “Darnytsia” was founded in 1930. Since 1998, “Darnytsia” has been the leader in Ukraine in terms of the volume of production. Strategic areas of portfolio development – cardiology, neurology, solving pain problems.

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