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31 October 2022

Darnitsa received the HR-Brand 2022 award

31 October 2022

October 27, 2022. The domestic Pharmaceutical Company “Darnitsa” received the HR-brand 2022 award for the nomination “Company’s Cultural Code” with the project “#PharmOborona. Everyone is in their proper places.”

The HR-brand Ukraine award is an annual independent and authoritative national award for the most successful projects in the field of personnel management. The award unites all business areas. The cases were presented by the nominees during Ukrainian marathon of HR-brand 2022 cases. The awarding ceremony was also held online.

The industry in which Darnitsa operates is knowledge-intensive. Therefore, the respectful attitude towards employees, as holders of valuable knowledge that is adapted and deeply integrated into business, did not change even in wartime. Darnitsa not only retain the team, and also the pre-war level of wages and an effective system of motivation - bonuses based on key performance indicators, but also created new jobs for drivers, chemists and production workers. At the same time, the company faced the issue of rapid adaptation of people to the needs of business in wartime. An example of such a reorientation was a free all-Ukrainian call centre that gives Ukrainians the information on availability of any medicines in any pharmacies in the country. Therefore, the staff turnover rate remains at the previous year level - 1.6%.

The communication program “#PharmOborona. Everyone is in their places” in Facebook's internal social network Workplace became the key point for team uniting. The project aimed to fulfil some specific tasks: to retain the whole team, to ensure the business stability, to give the team a sense of involvement in the victory, and to adjust online communication according to the new needs of employees. The communication program included stories about heroes of pharmaceutical defence (PharmOborona), system management communication, team consulting services, and corporate “blah-blah-car” service. The team's involvement in the company's internal communication projects during the war period reached 70.25%, while the number of active Workplace users was 80.85%.

Recently, the company has conducted a study of staff engagement using the eNPS method and has received a result of +53, which exceeds the previous survey data by 14 pp (eNPS according to December 2021 results was +39).

"Corporate culture is the moral guidelines that underlie business and directly affect the company's results as well as help to solve complex tasks successfully. Broad and regular communication, employee involvement and investment in people's development were presented in Darnitsa even during the large-scale war and led to the appropriate result,” the representative of the jury emphasized during the company awarding.

“I am pleased to receive this award. I accept it on behalf of the whole Darnitsa team. The main goal of the project “#PharmOborona. Everyone is in their proper places” was to retain a motivated team that will take care of no lack of medicines for all Ukrainians everywhere in our Motherland. We are proud of how we passed these travails. They toughened us, allowing to face the future with confidence," Olena Sokolova, HR Director of Pharmaceutical Company Darnitsa said.


PJSC Pharmaceutical Company Darnitsa was founded in 1930. Since 1998, Darnitsa has been the leader in Ukraine as for drug production in physical terms. Strategic areas of products portfolio development include cardiology, neurology, and pain management. During the war, Darnitsa has passed 1.9 million packages of medicines at a cost of UAH 171 million for charitable uses to MOH, Ukrainian Armed Forces, hospitals and charity organisations.

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