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16 June 2023

Darnytsia handed nearly 6 thousand packages of medicines over to “Zemliachky”

16 June 2023

The pharmaceutical company “Darnytsia” handed almost 6,000 packages of medicines worth more than 280,000 hryvnias over to the public organization “Zemliachky”, which takes care of women at war.

Currently, more than 60,000 women are in the military service. About 8,000 of them are defending Ukraine on the front line. 84% of Ukrainian men and women consider the contribution of women soldiers important for Ukraine. This was confirmed by a survey of the civilians’ opinion about the status of women in the Defense Forces of Ukraine, which was conducted by Darnytsia together with Gradus Research*.

Women in the military face a high level of physical and emotional stress, illnesses and injuries. The non-governmental organization “Zemliachky”, with which the pharmaceutical company “Darnytsia” began cooperation last year, supports the sisters in arms in these and other spheres.

“It’s been quite some time since “Darnytsia” started cooperating with “Zemliachky”. After all, “Zemliachky” is about our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, who stand guard over the country. Their lives and health are the highest values that should be constantly taken care of.

At this social project can be supported by anyone who wants to help to provide for female warriors,” noted Vasyl Hubarets, Director of Corporate Communications of the pharmaceutical company “Darnytsia”.

The research also found that, according to civilians, in addition to stress and lack of sleep, women in the military also face other challenges. 75% believe such problems concern the insufficient level of hygiene, 74% named increased physical exertion, 71% - wounds and injuries, and more than half of the respondents (55%) - problems related to gynecological diseases.

“We want the contribution of military women to be in the focus of Ukrainians, so it doesn’t remain unnoticed. And the problems faced by women at the front every day became an impetus for raising the level of awareness and culture regarding military women. What is simple and affordable for us civilians, for example, medicine for some “female” diseases, can become difficult on the front line,” emphasizes Ksenia Drahaniuk, co-founder of the “Zemliachky” NGO.

Summer is a new challenge for women in the war, that is why the public organization “Zemliachky” has started to raise funds for summer tactical uniforms for our women defenders. You can join the fundraising activity, thank the defenders and support them on the​ project’s webpage.

*Gradus Research commissioned by Darnytsia pharmaceutical company, 1,200 interviews, women and men aged 18-60 living in cities with a population of 50K+, excluding temporarily occupied territories and territories where hostilities are taking place, May 17-18, 2023.

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