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13 January 2020

Darnitsa Supported Socially Important Projects for UAH 23.4 million in 2019

13 January 2020

More than UAH 23.4 million – to this extent the Pharmaceutical Firm “Darnitsa” supported socially important projects in 2019. The main areas of assistance are medicines and equipment for more than 100 healthcare facilities, provision of medicines for the needs of the Joint Forces Operation, promotion of progressive education in Ukraine, support for children with cancer. In total, from 2017 to 2019 Darnitsa allocated UAH 41.4 million for these needs.

Dmytro Shymkiv, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group:

“For Darnitsa, care and responsibility are part of the DNA of the company and its team. Developing the culture of charity, today we have the support of employees and their families, who initiate and help financially, with their own resources and time. This year, Darnitsa's charitable assistance amounted to over UAH 23 million and about UAH 150,000 is the direct contribution from our employees. This is the best example of synergy, and I hope that the range of people whom Darnitsa draws into the culture of charity will expand every year”.

An important area of Darnitsa's responsibility policy is to promote progressive education in Ukraine.

Glib Zahoriy, the company’s co-owner, emphasizes: “For us, assistance to progressive education is an investment in Ukraine of the future. These are investments in development, values and systemic change. In particular, we support the Ukrainian Catholic University because the values it upholds are in line with the values of my family and the philosophy of our business. UCU, like us, is ahead of time, destroys stereotypes and integrates European heritage. In 2020, we will continue this cooperation and will allocate UAH 12.5 million for scholarship programs and development of the Kyiv Center of UCU.”

Fr. Borys Prach, Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, highly appreciates Darnitsa’s support:

“Darnitsa and the Ukrainian Catholic University are long-standing friends and a good example of the synergy of a powerful European enterprise, the efforts of patrons, the professionalism of teachers and the energy of student knowledge. We are deeply grateful to Darnitsa for its trust and understanding of the need to raise the professional level of Ukrainian teachers and scholars, to develop new educational standards and quality scientific research, to support young people in their pursuit of knowledge. We are pleased that by combining our efforts we can revive the culture of charity, solve many social issues through training of educated and socially responsible leaders”. 

Among educational partners, to whom Darnitsa provides assistance, are the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, The Aspen Institute Kyiv, which in addition to its educational activities, conducts research on pressing social issues, and the futuristic “Meet the Future” project, which provides opportunities to communicate with world leaders of change, as well as the International Competition of Experts in the Ukrainian language named after Petro Yatsyk, which involves more than 5 million participants from more than 20 countries.

In 2019, Darnitsa joined the Global Giving Tuesday Initiative for the second time, supported in Ukraine by the Zahorii Foundation. As part of the charity campaign, Darnitsa raised funds to purchase equipment for the Pediatric Department of the National Cancer Institute. The initiative was supported by employees of the company who raised more than UAH 37 thousand during the charity auction. As a result, over UAH 237,000 was donated to Zaporuka Charitable Foundation for the purchase of equipment for the Pediatric Department of the National Cancer Institute.

As part of the support for children suffering from cancer, in 2019, Darnitsa transferred to Tabletochki Foundation, which fights for the health and life of young Ukrainians, UAH 320 thousand, of which UAH 70 thousand were the own funds of employees. Due to the constant support, the wards of the fund were provided with supplies for safe administration of medicines during the year.

Olha Kudinenko, founder of Tabletochki Charitable Foundation: “We are very grateful to the team and management of Darnitsa for their trust and systematic support! Through this involvement, we are able to help children and families across the country, as well as work on systemic changes to help even more children to have a chance of winning over cancer. We are grateful to Darnitsa for creating opportunities for children to recover and thank for its inspiring example! ”

The company made another contribution to children's health by participating in the sports and charity event “Run under the Chestnuts”. The charitable contribution from the Darnitsa team, together with the contributions of other philanthropists, was directed to purchase equipment and supplies for the Children's Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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