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11 July 2022

Darnitsa continues cooperation with Stud-Point to attract young talents

11 July 2022

July 2022. Within the framework of cooperation with Stud-Point, the director of the digital transformation department of the Darnitsa pharmaceutical company, Volodymyr Krasotin, joined the IT SCHOOL ONLINE SOFT SKILLS educational project as a lecturer. Volodymyr presented the information about the IT manager’s profession, its peculiarities, prospects and possible challenges.

At the beginning of the year, Darnitsa employees were also lecturers in the educational project DIGITAL SCHOOL by Stud-Point. They told the students about digital trends, as well as the opportunity to discover the creative side in the pharmaceutical industry. In July, the company plans to join the MARKETING SCHOOL.

Darnitsa began cooperation with Stud-Point shortly before the beginning of the large-scale phase of the war. The purpose of cooperation was to promote employment and professional development of students and graduates. The company joined this initiative to find new talented team members and develop the employer’s brand among students.

Despite the war, this cooperation continues. Darnitsa not only managed to avoid laying off any employees during the war, but also opened new jobs for production workers and chemists.

The company offers young specialists not just employment, but also the opportunity to join the developed corporate culture in the industry, which has been the flagship of technological innovation for many years in a row. This also applies to the direction of HR management: the company offers a work schedule that allows everyone to maintain a convenient balance between work and private life, as well as continuous communication of all staff members in the Workplace network (a corporate social network from Facebook). Due to its focus on employee comfort and optimization of work processes, Darnitsa was included in the Forbes magazine’s “50 best employers 2022” rating.

In addition, the company invests in the professional development of employees. Darnitsa employees can attend trainings and educational courses of their own choice, as well as receive knowledge online at Harvard Medical School, one of the oldest and most authoritative medical schools in the world.

The list of current vacancies at Darnitsa today includes pharmacologists, chemists in the pharmaceutical development department, and medical representatives. However, the company is interested in hiring graduates of chemical and biological faculties, as well as marketers, economists, and personnel management specialists.

“A fresh and creative perspective is what the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine needs today. Our country regularly faces challenges in the field of health care, which necessitates the need to develop more effective medicinal products, introduce innovative ideas regarding the production process, and find non-standard solutions. We are sure that at Darnitsa young specialists will be able to make a significant contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, find their vocation and build a successful career. And for our part, we will make every effort to do so,” emphasizes Olena Sokolova, director of personnel management of the Darnitsa pharmaceutical company.

In February, the company took part in the HR-POINT Forum, where, in addition to a meeting with students, top specialists in the field of recruiting made speeches and presented the results of the “TOP 25 employers open to talents under 25” rating by Stud-Point, which included Darnitsa.

Background information

PRJSC Pharmaceutical Company Darnitsa was founded in 1930. Since 1998, Darnitsa has been the leader in Ukraine in terms of the volume of production of medicinal products in physical terms. Strategic areas of portfolio development include cardiology, neurology as well as solving pain problems. Since the beginning of the full-scale phase of the war, Darnitsa has provided free of charge more than 1.4 million packages of medicinal products worth more than UAH 121 million to satisfy the needs of the Ministry of Health, medical institutions and volunteer organizations.

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