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19 May 2022

Darnitsa holds a series of educational webinars for doctors on “Emergency care during combat actions”

19 May 2022

In wartime, educational programs on first aid are extremely important not only for ordinary citizens, but also for doctors. A series of webinars on “Emergency care during combat actions” was initiated by Darnitsa in cooperation with the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care of the Shupyk National University of Health of Ukraine. The event was intended exclusively for doctors. Mostly surgeons, anaesthesiologists, resuscitators and combustiologists took part.

This was the first time when a multi-part monoconference on this topic was held. For today, three webinars have taken place over the period of April-May, which included the following topics:

  • Gunshot wounds: modern weapons, mechanism of injury, medical care and modern views on wound disease
  • Rational antibiotic therapy of wound infection
  • Signs of thermal lesions and their gradual treatment. Burn shock
  • Aspects of intensive care of mine-blast trauma.

In order to raise the awareness of doctors about first aid treatment due to the risk of radiation and chemical attacks, each webinar included review reports on “Vesicant agents”, “Use of chemical weapons”, “Poisoning with nerve agents”, and “Radiation injuries and first aid” as separate units.

The broadcast took place on Hippocrates and YouTube. In total, the webinars garnered almost 3,400 live views. The event aroused considerable interest, and except for live thanks, the doctors asked for recorded video to be reviewed and shared with their colleagues.

The speakers were leading specialists of Ukraine, candidates and doctors of medical sciences, and professors, in particular:

  • Denis Serhiiovych Myrgorodskyi, surgeon, Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • Mykhailo Volodymyrovych Bondar, anesthesiologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Honoured Doctor of Ukraine
  • Yurii Ivanovych Markov, anesthesiologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • Heorhii Pavlovych Kozynets, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, President of the Combustiologists Association
  • Serhii Mykhailovych Nedashkivsky, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Chief Toxicologist of the State Health Insurance Fund and the Ministry of Health of Kyiv
  • Oleh Anatiiovych Loskutov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of the Shupyk National University of Health of Ukraine
  • Inna Anatoliivna Kuchynska, anesthesiologis, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

It was planned to conduct another conference on crash syndrome (long-term compression syndrome), a condition that a victim develops due to prolonged compression or crushing of soft tissues of the body.

"It is extremely important for Darnitsa to promote the professional growth of doctors in Ukraine, to participate in organization of educational programs, webinars, training. The high professional level of doctors in our country is the key to a healthy nation. Nowadays, doctors work in completely different conditions, under conditions of war, and therefore it is necessary to update their knowledge involving experts in such specific areas as combat trauma, radiation and chemical damage, " Ihor Nykyforchyn, Director of Medical Affairs of pharmaceutical company Darnitsa, said.


Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company was founded in 1930. Since 1998, it has been the leader in Ukraine in terms of production of drugs in physical terms. Strategic areas of portfolio development are cardiology, neurology and pain management. During the war, Darnitsa has passed 1.3 million packages of medicines at a cost of UAH 108.5 million for charitable uses to MOH, Ukrainian Armed Forces, hospitals and charity organisations.

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