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31 January 2022

Darnitsa recycles almost three quarters of its production waste

31 January 2022

In 2021, the pharmaceutical company Darnitsa increased the amount of waste from the production process, which is sent for processing, to 73.3%. This is 4% more than last year, which, given the growth rate of production of Darnitsa in 2021, is a high figure.

According to a sociological study by Gradus Research, the development of environmental awareness will be one of the most pressing topics in the future, as 93% of Ukrainians are willing to change their lifestyle to a more environmentally friendly. Darnitsa is convinced that this should be done not only by citizens but also by enterprises, and that is why they are actively implementing environmental initiatives in the company's production activities.

Back in 2010, Darnitsa introduced a system of waste management for their efficient disposal. This system is improving every year, because for the pharmaceutical company, which is the first in Ukraine in terms of the number of manufactured drugs in kind *, this is a surprisingly important aspect of modernization. In 2021, Darnitsa produced 181 million packages of medicines. 

In order to minimize the impact on the environment under such an intensive production process, Darnitsa has introduced eco-initiatives in several areas.

Firstly, almost three quarters of production waste is recycled. Secondly, a quarter of waste that is not suitable for recycling is transferred for recycling to specialized companies licensed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine. These are, for example, raw materials and preparations that have not passed quality control, pharmaceutical waste generated by the direct production of drugs, and waste from the research and industrial section of the Department of Research and Development. Thirdly, at the stage of repackaging Darnitsa partially uses recycled materials. For example, packs of waste paper. This packaging not only reliably protects and preserves the properties of medical devices, but also saves wood and reduces energy consumption. Fourth, the company monitors emissions into the air and does not exceed the established standards. And also controls the efficiency of gas cleaning equipment.

In addition to the production process itself, Darnitsa does environmental and office work. Since 2017, the company's employees have been sorting garbage, collecting used batteries and expired drugs for safe disposal. Also, to save natural resources, the principles of "green office" were introduced: water purification systems, automatic control of lighting and heat supply were installed, and authorized printing was introduced. Fluorescent lamps in all rooms have been replaced by more environmentally friendly LED.

"Darnitsa is an environmentally responsible company. We care about the safe management of waste and its maximum transfer for recycling, protection of air from pollution, reduction of harmful emissions and compliance with the policy of the Green Office”, - said Andrii Obrizan, CEO of pharmaceutical company Darnitsa.



Private joint-stock pharmaceutical company Darnitsa was founded in 1930. Since 1998, Darnitsa has been a leader in Ukraine in terms of production of drugs in kind. Strategic areas of portfolio development - cardiology, neurology, pain management. In the last five years, Darnitsa has launched 63 new pharmaceutical brands.

*according to Proxima Research, 2021

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