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09 April 2024

Darnytsia Recognized as Family-Friendly Company

09 April 2024

Darnytsia Pharmaceutical Company was ranked among the top 10 most family-friendly companies in Ukraine for 2023, receiving a corresponding award.

CSR Ukraine and The Page magazine conducted a special study titled "Family Friendly Companies 2023" with the aim of identifying businesses that care not only about their employees but also about their families.

As a responsible employer, Darnytsia has many initiatives aimed at supporting its team members and their families.

First and foremost, the company prioritizes the physical health of its employees and their families. Darnytsia was the first company to join the innovative "Strong Hearts" corporate care program, established by the Zagoriy Foundation.

This program provides comprehensive cardiovascular health screenings for employees and their relatives. Additionally, Darnytsia offers high-quality medical care and medications if any health concerns are identified. 

The company's "This is Our Health" program allows employees and family members to participate in webinars with doctors. This program helps with early detection of health issues and encourages timely medical intervention.

Recognizing the importance of mental health, especially during times of a full-scale war, Darnytsia offers a psychological support program called "Keeping the Balance is What We Do." This program includes sessions with professional psychologists aimed at harmonizing family relationships, building trust with children, and helping individuals cope with the loss of relatives due to war.

The "Our Strong Ones" veterans' program provides comprehensive support to mobilized employees, offering financial and legal assistance as well as top-level medical insurance. Darnytsia also offers health resort treatment and various mental support programs to demobilized employees and their families.

Olena Sokolova, People Director of Darnytsia Pharmaceutical Company, emphasizes the company's commitment to human-centric values. She states, "At Darnytsia, we believe employees can only perform at their best when they are secure about their families' well-being. Therefore, we prioritize caring for our people and their families. While we are pleased to receive recognition for our initiatives, our primary goal is to be a dependable source of support for our employees during these challenging times."

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