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27 July 2023

Darnytsia Held a Meeting with Students of the Presidents’ MBA Programme at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School

27 July 2023

On 25 July 2023, Pharmaceutical Company ‘Darnytsia’ held a meeting with students of the Presidents’ MBA programme at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (KMBS)—MPs, representatives of the government, business, and NGOs.

The participants visited the production facilities of Darnytsia, were introduced into advanced technologies for the production of medicines and the strategy of doing business in the context of a full-scale war.

In particular, representatives of Darnytsia told them about how the company had managed not only to survive, but also to actively develop in the conditions of the war. Several factors contributed to this.

Firstly, Darnytsia had a sufficient supply of raw materials stocked a few months before the full-scale invasion. This made it possible to quickly resume production at the beginning of the major war in order to provide Ukrainians with quality medicines. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the company more flexible and prepared it for stronger challenges.

Secondly, the pharmaceutical manufacturer responds promptly to the strategic objectives facing the country. Thus, the company has registered Potassium Iodide-125-Darnytsia, a drug for protection against radiation. It was transferred to government-owned institutions free of charge, fully meeting the needs of Ukraine in this drug.

Thirdly, despite the war, Darnytsia focuses business not only on maintaining pre-war positions, but also on its scaling. Thus, in 2023, the company continues to release new products and expand the geography of sales markets. Darnytsia medicines have become available in Australia and Ghana.

However, the most important component of success, according to Darnytsia, was and still is teamwork, staff involvement in achieving a common result, and personal responsibility of each employee for their work.

The Presidents’ MBA programme participants, who improve their skills of working with complex systems at the strategic level in conditions of uncertainty, got interested in the unique experience of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturer.

They were able to ask Darnytsia top management practical questions and share their views on the development of management teams, the responsibility of business in the face of radical changes, as well as the prerequisites for successful strategic management.

‘I am pleased to share the practical experience of Darnytsia with the Presidents’ MBA programme participants at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School. These are real leaders who have already achieved a lot in life, but keep on searching for new ideas and are ready to change the world for the better. Kyiv-Mohyla Business School is the alma mater of the country’s intellectual potential. People are taught here to think in a new way, to function in turbulence, and, despite this, to succeed. Today, KMBS students not only acquire new knowledge, but also learn from each other how not to be fragile, how to be unconquerable, efficient, while continuing to work. Actually, this is what our Ukrainian superpower is all about’, Andrii Obrizan, CEO of Pharmaceutical Company ‘Darnytsia’, said.

‘It is very pleasant to see how the Ukrainian manufacturing business is reconfiguring in the context of a full-scale war and increasing volumes. This enables the management team to take care of further development and help those who need help right now. Thank you for an interesting case’, Eduard Maltsev, Deputy Dean of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, Head of the Presidents’ MBA programme, commented.

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