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06 April 2022

Pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" opens a hotline for consultations on medicines

06 April 2022

April 6, 2022. Since the hostilities first days, the pharmaceutical company Darnitsa is supporting the country's pharmaceutical defense. Today the company announces the opening  of  a call center to help Ukrainians with questions about medicines. It is important that people can contact the hotline about medicines from any manufacturer, not only the Darnitsa-produced, as during the war there is no place for competition and our strength is just in our unity.

Darnitsa hotline phone: 0800407877*

Service accessible: Monday-Saturday 8:00 a.m. - till 8:00 p.m.

What issues does the call center solve?:

  • rendering consultation on the search for medicines from any manufacturer in all open pharmacies;
  • if the necessary medicine is not available in pharmacy chains, consultation on possible replacement with analogue considering the active substance;
  • registration of wholesale orders for Darnitsa products from legal entities;
  • also, the company strives to provide each of its clients with access to the most popular medicines, such as Kaptopres-Darnitsa, Validol Darnitsa, Citramon-Darnitsa, Citramon extra, Citramon Maxi **. Therefore, it collects requests stating these drugs absence on pharmacy shelves in order to fix the shortcomings as quickly as possible.

During the military aggression, Darnitsa handed over free of charge almost 700 thousand packages of medicines which total value exceeds 30 million hryvnias to medical institutions and volunteer organizations that help the Ukrainian military and civilians . The company also imported at its own expense the strategic hemostatic Celox, which is extremely important for the army. 10 thousand packages of this hemostatic drug are transferred free of charge to the hospitals, Territorial Defense units and the AFU.


PJSC pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" was founded in 1930. Since 1998, Darnitsa is the leader in Ukrainian pharma industry in terms of drug production in kind. Strategic areas of products portfolio development include cardiology, neurology, and pain management.

*Calls are free for any mobile operators within Ukraine

**"Kaptopres-Darnitsa" RP №.UA/8156/01/01,№ UA/8156/01/02, "Citramon-Darnitsa" RP №UA/6550/01/01, "Validol-Darnitsa" RP №UA/2993/01/01, "Citramon extra" RP №UA/3984/01/01 "Citramon Maxi" RP №UA/17370/01/01

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