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04 January 2022

Sergiy Tanchinets, frontman of the rock band BEZ OBMEZHEN (Without Limits), visited pharmaceutical production “Darnitsa”

04 January 2022

Serhii Tanchynets, the lead singer and frontman of the rock band BEZ OBMEZHEN, observed with his own eyes the innovative production of medical products of the pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa”. As “Darnitsa” is an official partner of the All-Ukrainian tour of the band, the singer decided to convince himself that the company`s production complies with the common values.

The tour route covered several workshops for the production of medical products, including the infusion solutions production section. “Darnitsa” is the only national pharmaceutical manufacturer that has been using the innovative material polypropylene since 2015. This material allows products to be sterilized using the pharmacopoeia method, which guarantees sterility of medical products. More than 9 million vials of infusions were produced in 2021. The BEZ OBMEZHEN lead singer made sure that each line is equipped with ultra-modern equipment from the world`s best manufacturers in accordance with the international GMP standard.

One of the destinations along the route was the 12-storey automated warehouse at “Darnitsa”, built by German company Schäfer Nolan in 2007. Since that time, this logistics complex has held the title of the only fully robotized warehouse in Eastern Europe among all pharmaceutical companies. Ergonomic planning and automatic cargo manipulators allow the company to store its products in an area that is 16 times smaller than the typical warehouse that would be needed for such a number of pallet places.

“It`s just a breathtaking level of awesomeness in the organization of the whole production. The automated warehouse is something incredible, it`s just wow! It just amazes and it makes us proud that it is ours, Ukrainian! In general, all production is automated; everything is as it should be in the future. I liked it very much. I would definitely enjoy going there again, and I would really ask to go to the workshop where our favourite “Citramon-Darnitsa” is produced”, Serhii shares his impressions.

Anyone can visit the production facilities at “Darnitsa”: all you need is to book an online guided tour. After the holidays, a new tour schedule will be announced on the website from the second half of January 2022.

Pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa” is a partner of the All-Ukrainian tour of the music band BEZ OBMEZHEN in 2022. The tour in support of the “Free People” album will cover 100 cities of Ukraine. The absence of restrictions and human freedom are the main values that the band members want to promote to Ukrainians.


PJSC Pharmaceutical Company “Darnitsa” was founded in 1930. Since 1998, “Darnitsa” has been Ukraine’s leader in the production of medicines in volume terms. The strategic areas of portfolio development are cardiology, neurology and pain management. During 2015-2020, “Darnitsa” has launched 50 pharmaceutical brands on the market.

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