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A specialized edition intended for medical institutions and doctors.

Perindopres A is a new medicinal product for the treatment of arterial hypertension

Perindopres A is a new medicinal product of the Perindopres line by the Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company for patients with hypertension.

In Ukraine, over 10 million people suffer from hypertension. Blood pressure control in hypertension plays a key role in preventing cardiovascular complications. The use of a fixed-dose combination of antihypertensive agents (i.e. a combination of several active substances in a single dosage form) is optimal for effective blood pressure control and convenient for patients. Thus, Perindopres A is a dual fixed-dose combination of antihypertensive agents. Unlike Perindopres, which contains one active substance, perindopril, Perindopres A is supplemented with one more active substance, amlodipine.

The results of clinical studies indicate that the use of a fixed-dose combination of perindopril and amlodipine allows more effectively reducing blood pressure compared to the monotherapy with either component of the combination.

Perindopres A is available in tablet form in two doses: 4 mg/5 mg and 8 mg/10 mg, 30 tablets in a pack.

The product is used only upon a doctor’s prescription and is available upon prescription.

Registration Certificates No. UA/17768/01/01, No. UA/17768/01/02.

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