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20 June 2022

New product from “Darnitsa”: “Pantestin-Darnitsa®” spray for wounds and burns healing

20 June 2022

In June a new topical for the hot season product “Pantestin-Darnitsa®” appeared on the pharmacy shelves in the form of spray that promotes wounds and burns healing and contains miramistine and dexpanthenol.

“PANTESTIN-DARNITSA®” SPRAY is the only fluid of miramistine and dexpanthenol in Ukraine that promotes skin regeneration, healing of wounds and burns in adults and children from the first day of life. Dexpanthenol after penetration into epithelial cells transforms and enhances skin and wound formation and regeneration processes, in particular for complicated and hard-to-heal wounds. Antimicrobial action of miramistine completes the effect of dexpanthenol.

“Pantestin-Darnitsa®” is suitable for:

  • People with superficial skin lesions of any origin involving the risk of infection: scratches, abrasions, cuts, skin cracks, burns, dermatitis;
  • Mothers who are faced with the problem of diaper dermatitis;
  • Parents who are packing a medical kit for a newborn.

“Pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa” has not only been working since the early days of the war, but continues to develop new preparations. There have already been four new medicinal product launches since the beginning of the war: “Perindopress Trio” to control blood pressure, the anesthetic “Dexpro” in pellets and “Pregabalin-Darnitsa”, and also “Kalii Iodide-125-Darnitsa” against the threat of radiation exposure. ** Today we are launching “Pantestin-Darnitsa®” spray for wounds and burns healing, and seven more new preparations launches are planned for June. Why is it important? Ukrainian businesses have to work during the war to provide a reliable rear. Since the beginning of the war, the company has already paid about 200 million dollars in taxes to the state budget. The company did not only cut a single employee, but also opened new vacancies for truck drivers, chemists and manufacture workers”, said Inna Deniak, Director of Development of pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa”.


PJSC Pharmaceutical Company “Darnitsa” was founded in 1930. Since 1998, “Darnitsa” has been Ukraine`s leader in the production of medicines in volume terms. The strategic areas of portfolio development are cardiology, neurology and pain management. During the war period the company transferred about 1.3 mln packages of medicines valued at almost 108.5 mln hryvnias as charity to the Ministry of Health, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, hospitals and charity organizations.

* “Pantestin-Darnitsa®” ТУ У 20.4-00481212-002:2021

** “Perindopress Trio” РП No. UA/19239/01/04, UA/19239/01/03, UA/19239/01/02, UA/19239/01/01, “Dexpro” РП No. UA/17373/02 /01, “Pregabalin-Darnitsa” UA/16414/01/03, “Kalii Iodide-125-Darnitsa” РП UA/19348/01/01, before taking it, be sure to read the instructions.

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