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22 February 2023

Charity results for a year of full scale invasion

22 February 2023

Pharmaceutical company “Darnitsa” has summed up the results of the charitable projects implemented during the year of the full-scale invasion.

Help with free medicines. During the year of the full-scale war, the company handed to charity 2.4 million packages of medicines worth more than UAH 215 million. About 150 medical institutions and charitable foundations received this assistance. Immediately after the de-occupation, a truck with “Darnitsa” medicines, worth almost UAH 6 million, arrived in Kherson oblast as part of a humanitarian convoy from the "City of Good Deeds" Foundation. The “Darnitsa” team also joined the charity initiative and collected warm clothes, hygiene products, household chemicals and food.

Cooperation with the state. In April 2022, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the NSDC, “Darnitsa” registered a drug aimed to protect the population from radiation - potassium iodide. This is an unprecedented case of fruitful cooperation between business and the state. After all, it usually takes up to 2-3 years to develop, register and launch a medicinal product, and in this case it took about a month. The company handed over 10,7 million doses of potassium iodide free of charge, as well as 556,000 doses of the drug to protect in case chemical weapons are used.

The support of DarHeroes. The employees of “Darnitsa” have created a community #We_together (#Ми_разом) in their internal network with the aim of helping their colleagues who are defending Ukraine in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Units. There are 27 such heroes in the team. During the existence of the community, employees collected more than UAH 850,000, which were used to purchase a car, drones, repeater, radio stations, tourniquets and other necessary things. They collect money with the help of charity auctions and other activities.

Mental health care. “Darnitsa” is conducting training for doctors, it has organized training for psychologists of the 1551 hotline (Kyiv Contact Center), and also launched an online information platform as part of a large educational project about mental health.

The company recognizes the contribution of everyone to victory. The company established an award for pharmacists working in pharmacies - “DarRecognition” (“DarVidznaka”) - to thank the heroes who wholeheartedly contribute to preserve the health of the nation. Prizes in the amount of UAH 30,000 and commemorative sets from “Darnitsa” were awarded to 5 winners, who were chosen by an all-Ukrainian vote. It was decided to hold the awarding ceremony every autumn before the Pharmacist's Day.

Support for educational institutions. In 2022, together with Charitable Fund “Zagoriy Foundation”, the company provided support to the Ukrainian Catholic University in the amount of UAH 4.2 million for scholarships for teachers and students.

Combating stigma in pain issues. “Darnitsa” continues to sustain the educational project “Znebol” (Relieve the pain), designed to combat the stigmatization of women's pain. Cooperating with the NGO “Zemliachki” in this direction, the company handed over medical supplies for women defenders of Ukraine.

Help in finding medicines. In 2022, “Darnitsa’s” own free call-center was operating. It was opened during a period of super-high demand to help Ukrainians find drugs of any manufacturer in the country’s pharmacies. In case the required medicinal product is absent in the pharmacy networks, the line operators provided information on a possible replacement based on the active substance.

Volunteering. In the first month of the war, during the most difficult time for pharmacies, the company sent more than 50 of its employees who have pharmaceutical education to help pharmacy chains free of charge as volunteer pharmacists.

“Darnitsa” endures and continues to help the country!

With care at heart!

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