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In 2021 Darnitsa Launched 22 New Brands on the Consumer Market

Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company launched 22 new brands of medicines in 2021. 8 of them are self-developed brands and 14 are licensed. In total, over the past 5 years, Darnitsa has introduced 63 new brands, which has strengthened its leadership position in the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Every seventh pack of medicines on pharmacy shelves is a product of Darnitsa.* 

Among the new drugs there are tablets, syrups, suspensions, capsules that help fight pain, diseases of the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular systems and others. Of these, 14 brands are available on prescription.

Several prescription drugs keep guard over cardiovascular health, such as Perindopres Duo, AspiRosa, Ramiton A, Claudiex, and Cardio-Dar**. This is extremely important, as cardiovascular diseases remain the cause of death No. 1 in Ukraine and around the world.***

Another prescription drug is the antimigraine drug Elptan, which is the only eletriptan in Ukraine****. Over-the-counter brands are represented by, for example, a wide range of “Darfen” painkillers for adults and children, Eridez tablets for allergic symptoms, Ritosse Ivy syrup for the treatment of acute inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract accompanied by cough, as wells as Hipnos drops to combat insomnia and improve sleep quality.*****

“Thanks to the digital transformation, optimization of business processes, and accelerating the launch of new licensed products (from 30 to 18 months), we managed to launch 22 new brands in 2021, while in 2020, for comparison, only 10. Our mission is to help healthcare professionals and patients to improve the quality of life through science and innovation and working on new, state-of-the-art medicines that meet the latest medical guidelines is a critical component of this mission,” comments Inna Deniak, Director for Development of Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company.

Background information

Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company PrJSC was established in 1930. Since 1998, Darnitsa has been the leader in Ukraine in terms of production of drugs by volume. The strategic areas of the portfolio development are cardiology, neurology, pain management. During 2016-2021, Darnitsa launched 63 pharmaceutical brands.

*Infographic Reference Book “Pharmaceutical Industry of Ukraine 2021”, TopLead

** Perindopres Duo MA No.UA/19069/01/01, UA/19069/01/02, AspiRosa MA No.UA/18799/01/01, UA/18799/01/02, UA/18799/01/03, Ramiton A MA No.UA/18731/01/01, UA/18731/01/02, UA/18731/01/03, UA/18731/01/04, Claudiex MA No.UA/18418/01/01 and over-the-counter drug Cardio-Dar MA No.UA/18901/01/01, UA/18901/01/02.

*** Kearney PM, et. al. Globalburdenofhypertension: analysisofworldwidedata. Lancet. 2005;365:217–223 //, 2017

**** Elptan MA No.UA/18414/01/01, UA/18414/01/02, UA/18414/01/03, is the only one as of 20.01.2022

*****Darfen® Gel MA No. UA/18641/01/01,Darfen® Long MA No. UA/18537/01/01, Darfen® Express MA No. UA/18783/01/01, Darfen® Kids MA No. UA/18549/01/01 and Darfen® Kids Forte MA No. UA/18550/01/01, Eridez MA No.UA/18434/01/01, Ritosse Ivy MA No.UA/18588/01/01, Hipnos MA No.UA/17957/02/01.

****** The above information is intended solely for distribution in specialized publications intended for healthcare institutions and physicians, as well as at conferences and seminars on medical topics.