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23 November 2021

A culture of openness and responsibility must prevail in a successful company, - Shymkiv

23 November 2021

The business should be people-oriented, and the corporate culture is one of key factors determining the 's success and a rapid development in the market. Dmytro Shymkiv, the Darnitsa Group Board of Directors head spoke about this in an interview he gave to Andriy Fedorov, the author of FEDORIV VLOG YouTube channel.

"A healthy company culture is an open culture in which frame people can talk openly about the problems and challenges they face at any level of their work. It is also a culture of responsibility hierarchy: employees whichever position held exchange information, sincerely support their organization future and understand their responsibility for it," Dmytro Shymkiv stressed during the conversation. – They have clear, measurable success indicators and strive for even more progress. But they do not suffer from fierce competition with each other. My experience shows that the best results are given by those companies where everyone can reach the goal."

Shymkiv sets the pharmaceutical industry as an example. According to the infographic directory "Pharmaceuticals of Ukraine-2021", pharmaceutical production is, although not the largest, one of the most productive sectors in the Ukrainian economy. In 2020, the average salary in this domain was twice as high as in the processing industry, and amounted to more than 21 thousand UAH. The industry provides jobs for more than 24 thousand Ukrainians.

The Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company alone employs more than one thousand people, and everyone - from a trainee to a top manager – has contributed to its development. Particularly, Darnitsa has increased its total income by 20% in the year 2021, which is not yet completed: the prognostic expectation are to reach $ 160 million.

By the way, Darnitsa is among the top 20 best employers according to the rating study enterprised by one of the Ukrainian recruitment portals. The company searches and encourages ambitious and talented employees, creating all conditions for the comfortable work.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer is actively developing a corporate training system for employees and an internship program to attract students. . Every second trainee from among undergoing such internship finally get on the Darnitsa payroll as a full-time employee interested in the professional activity. To support the opinions exchange the Idea Box platform is impemented, where everyone can make suggestions on optimizing business processes, communications, etc.

And this year fall in the digitalization context, the company launched the Workplace corporate social network, to say, its own Facebook, where 100% of company employees have registered accounts. According to the company's top executives, that allows simplifying communication between management and staff, involving all personnel in communication, regardless of their involvement production stage.

"The pharmaceutical sector in Ukraine is changing rapidly, as a lot of resources are invested in industrial innovations. And the Darnitsa makes no exception. This company is developing dynamically and has a great influence on the pharmaceutical market," said Shymkiv.

Earlier in his interview, Dmytro Shymkiv said that Darnitsa is the main supplier of medicines for Ukrainians*. 95% of the company's products reaches the shelves of domestic pharmacies or are centrally purchased by medical institutions.

*in volume, the Pharmaceutical Guide of Ukraine 2021,Top Lead

Specialized edition for medical institutions and doctors.