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25 March 2022

A volunteer driver delivered under fire 340 kg of medicines from Darnitsa to Zaporizhia

25 March 2022

On March 17, 2022,  a Zaporizhia hero volunteer delivered, under fire, medicines from the pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa".

The Regional Center for emergency medical care and disaster medicine contacted he Zaporizhia headquarters of volunteers "Palyanitsa" with a request to help with delivering of previously ordered medicines from the pharmaceutical company"Darnitsa".

First response to the request came from the volunteer Roman. On the morning of March 15, he left for Kyiv and in the evening arrived to the Darnitsa enterprise:

"Despite the fact that I arrived 4 hours after the working day end, during curfew, the staff was waiting for me, they helped loading the cargo into the car and even offered to stay for the night. People who saw me for the first time in their lives were happy to offer help. But I had to depart immediately. This time coincided with the 1.5-day curfew that began that day. The communication was inoperative. Navigation as well. I stood under the bridge, turned on the emergency light, the cabin light, and waited for the police. I explained everything, and they accompanied me. Was I scared? No at all I've seen a lot since the hostilities started. In difficult moments, the thought of winning helps me. We will not give up Ukraine, never and to nobody. Under no circumstances, " the volunteer said.

On March 17 morning the medicines were transferred to the Regional Emergency Medical Care Center accountancy balance.

The pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" expressed sincere gratitude to the hero and presented him a professional linear laser for construction works, since the man turned out to be a builder in civilian life.

"We are proud of our compatriots. And we are sure, considering the example of Roman, that there will definitely be many similar people to rebuild our beautiful country," the company noted.

Now, through the joint efforts of the Darnitsa team, we managed to restore logistics in Ukraine: trucks carry drugs to all cities accessible, and sometimes even to places where it is almost impossible to reach. In the first days of the war, delivery was problematic, in particular, due to the lack of vehicles and drivers. However, we managed to find partners who provided the company with automotive fleet, as well as we gathered a team of brave drivers.

Medicines of the company "Darnitsa" are delivered across Ukraine to all cities reachable. Not only through the company's efforts, but also with the help of charitable foundations, volunteers, railways, carriers, etc.

For 1 month of military aggression, Darnitsa handed over free of charge almost 700 thousand packages of medicines which total value exceeds 30 million hryvnias to medical institutions and volunteer organizations that help the Ukrainian military and civilians.

At the Darnitsa plant in Kyiev about 200 employees of the pharmaceutical company are engaged in completing batches of drugs to support the army and hospitals. Production of even more strategically important categories of drugs for the country and the Armed Forces of Ukraine has resumed: infusion solutions, ointments, tablets.


PJSC pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" was founded in 1930. Since 1998, Darnitsa is the leader in Ukrainian pharma industry in terms of drug production in kind. Strategic areas of products portfolio development include cardiology, neurology, and pain management.

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