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Darnytsia Representative Told About a People-centered Approach to Interaction with Employees

Nataliia Zaporozhets, HR Manager of Darnytsia Pharmaceutical Company, gave a speech at the XX Forum of HR Directors, organized by the HRD club.

In her speech, Natalia talked about the people-centered approach that Darnytsia uses when interacting with employees.

This approach is implemented on a practical level through the provision of financial, professional, mental, social and physical wellbeing of people.

So, despite the challenges of the ongoing war, Darnytsia has preserved the usual package of awards, benefits and bonuses for people.

The company also invests in professional courses and corporate training programs, emphasizing the importance of education for career growth.

It is quite difficult to work in the conditions of a full-scale war without effective mental support. Therefore, Darnytsia takes care of the health and psychological condition of the team and their families through sessions with professional psychologists, emotional support groups and webinars.

Strong Hearts, a program of corporate care for the health of team members and their closest relatives, an initiative of Zagoriy Foundation, deserves special attention. Since cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of mortality in Ukraine and the world, which continue to develop dynamically and take tens of millions of lives every year, Darnytsia was the first to join this important initiative.

As part of the Strong Hearts program, the company offers the employees and their relatives to undergo a cardiovascular health examination, followed by medicamental and therapeutic support. More than 1,500 participants have already joined this program, and 67% of them are relatives of Darnytsia employees.

"As a responsible employer, Darnytsia is focused on people and their individual requests. We do everything in our power so that every employee at Darnytsia can fully reveal their potential and talents.

At the same time, we understand that physical health directly affects the productivity and wellbeing of our team. That is why we invest a lot in the health of both our people and their families. We will continue this course," says Nataliia Zaporozhets, HR Manager of Darnytsia Pharmaceutical Company.