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10 August 2022

Darnitsa manufactures a drug to protect the population in case of radiation contamination

10 August 2022

Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, registered a drug to protect the population from radiation – “Potassium Iodide-125-Darnitsa” in this May.*

The issue of protection against radiation pollution remains relevant for Ukraine during the full-scale phase of the war with the Russian Federation. Therefore, the state cooperates with the domestic pharmaceutical market in this direction. “Potassium Iodide-125-Darnitsa” is currently the only** tableted potassium iodide at a dose of 125 mg on the Ukrainian market. This dose is sufficient to protect an adult from radiation in accordance with the state regulation on iodine prophylaxis in the event of a radiation accident (Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated March 09, 2021 No. 408).

The risk of radiation thyroid injury can be reduced or even prevented with the timely use of iodine prophylaxis. The prophylactic dose of potassium iodide should be taken only after the official radioactive warning and notification of the need for iodine prophylaxis.

The optimal effect of iodine prophylaxis is achieved with preventive intake of potassium iodide in 6 hours or less or simultaneously with penetration of radioactive isotopes of iodine or entering the contaminated area. Taking potassium iodide 6 hours after entering the zone contaminated with radioactive isotopes of iodine leads to a double reduction of radiation dose. At the same time, if you take the drug after 24 hours, there will be practically no protective effect. A single dose of potassium iodide provides protection for approximately 24 hours.

To date, the domestic pharmaceutical company Darnitsa has produced 8.2 million doses of Potassium Iodide-125-Darnitsa that makes the iodine prophylaxis possible for more than 8 million people if necessary. From this batch, Darnitsa handed over 5.25 million doses in the amount of 66 million UAH to the Public Health Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine».

"The domestic pharmaceutical industry is a part of national security of the country. Therefore, Darnitsa as the largest drug manufacturer in Ukraine*** cannot stand aside from current problems. Together with the state, we are working on the development and production of strategically important drugs, in particular, drugs that protect the population from chemical and radiation hazard. Darnitsa produces a medicine for chemical protection - Atropine-Darnitsa****. Also, in May, we developed a unique in its formulation and dosage anti-radiation drug -"Potassium Iodide-125-Darnitsa. “The cooperation of business and the state provides a reliable rear for our victory," says Andrii Obrizan, Director General of Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company “.


Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company was founded in 1930. Since 1998, Darnitsa has been the leader in Ukraine in terms of production of drugs in physical terms. Strategic areas of portfolio development are cardiology, neurology and pain management.

* Potassium Iodide, MA UA/19348/01/01, Read the leaflet carefully before the use.

** According to the data of the Ukrainian State Registry of medicines as of August 9, 2022

*** In physical terms, Proxima Research data

**** Atropine-Darnitsa, MA UA/3928/01/01, Read the leaflet carefully before the use.

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