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Darnytsia Uses Eco-Friendly Medicine Packaging

Pharmaceutical Company ‘Darnytsia’, one of the leading manufacturers of medicines in Ukraine, uses eco-friendly cardboard packaging made from secondary raw materials for medicines.

Eco-friendly cardboard, from which packages of Darnytsia medicines are made, is produced from recycled paper pulp consisting of secondary raw materials.

This significantly reduces the negative impact on the environment, since the production of this cardboard requires smaller amounts of energy and water.

In addition, the use of secondary raw materials reduces the need for ‘fresh’ chemical board, and, consequently, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and toxic substances that are formed during its production.

The maximum level of solid waste processing and responsible attitude to the disposal of potentially hazardous materials is part of the production energy efficiency improvement strategy of Darnytsia.

This strategy is aimed both at reducing the impact of production on the environment and at saving basic resources—water, electricity, and gas—in the context of economic and logistical crises that have been ongoing since 2020.

‘We have been using eco-friendly packaging for medicines for a long time. The responsibility of the pharmaceutical industry to the consumer is not only to ensure the undoubted quality of medicines, but also to take care of resources and the environment. We are well aware that natural resources are exhaustible, so we are doing everything we can to preserve them for many years to come. The use of eco-friendly medicine packaging is a logical step in this context’, Yevhenii Cherkas, Chief Operations Officer at Pharmaceutical Company ‘Darnytsia’, said.