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04 February 2022

Darnitsa Introduces Digitalization of Personnel Management System

04 February 2022

In December 2021, the Pharmaceutical Company Darnitsa introduced the SMART HCM & LMS system for the effective human capital management. This system is designed to facilitate the work of all employees by automating organizational processes and, consequently, increase employees’ comfort and work efficiency. 

Darnitsa’s staff consists of 1,086 employees, each of whom, according to the Company’s culture, must be provided with all the conditions for comfortable and productive work. The digitalization of the HR function is a continuation of the chosen strategy of transforming Darnitsa into the 100% digital company. Digital transformation is aimed at qualitative changes in product development and production, internal business processes, personnel management processes, etc.

In HR such a step was the implementation of the SMART HCM & LMS solution.

The functionality of the HCM (Human Capital Management) component allows automating search and selection of candidates, setting goals for employees and calculating their performance. Automation not only speeds up these processes, but also, most importantly, makes them transparent to employees, which maintains trust in the Company.

And LMS (Learning Management System) is designed to automate employee training. It is based on the cloud SaaS platform, which provides each employee with a variety of training materials needed to improve professional skills. The distance-learning module provides free access to current, past and future trainings, and individual invitations are received to enroll in new courses.

For additional comfort, access to HCM & LMS services is possible both via computer and smartphone, and the updated personal e-office has become even more convenient.

“In the era of artificial intelligence, smart, knowledge-hungry employees play a key role in the development of companies. I am convinced that the SMART HCM & LMS system is a logical next step in our digital transformation, which will increase the efficiency of interaction between management and employees and job satisfaction in Darnitsa”, – says Olena Sokolova, HR Director.

As previously reported, Darnitsa was included in the TOP-50 best employers according to Forbes. The compilers of the rating noted the active development of corporate culture through digitalization and the ability of the Company’s employees to increase the level of knowledge through various training courses. The survey was conducted among employees anonymously on such criteria as working conditions, level of comfort and safety, social package, etc.


PJSC Pharmaceutical Company Darnitsa was founded in 1930. Since 1998, Darnitsa has been a Ukrainian leader in terms of production of medicines in kind. Strategic areas of portfolio development are cardiology, neurology, pain management. In the last five years, Darnitsa has brought to the market 63 new pharmaceutical brands.

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