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Darnitsa Changes the Package Design of Medicines

The Pharmaceutical Company Darnitsa has renewed the package design of over-the-counter drugs. Pharmacies have already received the first medicines with the new style – nasal spray Rinazal Extra and prebiotic Lactunorm. Darnitsa started selling prescription medications in new packages in 2019.

The redesign of its product portfolio is a part of Darnitsa’s transformation process. It reflects the innovational changes, new strategic objectives and approaches in the company’s operation. Darnitsa changes in order to evolve into the international pharmaceutical brand from the Ukrainian market leader.

The company’s new business philosophy and strategic goals are reflected in its visual communication. The challenge of combining tradition and innovation, enormous potential and future prospects in its new design was successfully implemented by the creative team of Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine.

Andrii Obrizan, General Director of Darnitsa:

“The purpose of the redesign is to make the appearance of the package user-friendly and informative for the patient. To do this, the company used convenient and comprehensible navigation, color-coding and other modern tools that visually highlight Darnitsa brands on pharmacy shelves. An obligatory element that combined all the packages of medicines is the Darnitsa logo and branded graphic element – stylized Latin letter d. The upper side of all secondary packages has a green background, which makes it easy to identify the product with the manufacturer and is convenient for pharmacists. On prescription drugs, the dosage information is additionally highlighted with color to avoid possible confusion and to avoid adverse effects for the patient.”

The most ambitious objective in the redesign process was to combine the portfolio of 280 product names that are popular and recognizable among consumers into an integral system. For this purpose, color coding was applied according to the symptoms and signs, including 12 colors for different therapeutic groups.

The innovation in the design of over-the-counter drugs has turned out to be a real challenge to pharmacy merchandising - the large faces of several identical packages, when put together, form a coherent image (puzzle). It highlights the packages of Darnitsa medicines in pharmacy windows.

For the convenience of consumers, a convenient and comprehensible navigation has been developed using the release form icons to ensure that the contents of the package - tablets, syrups, granules, gels, etc. - are clearly understood at first glance. The icons also indicate additional information - the age from which the drug is allowed, the recommended storage temperature, the presence of plant components, etc.

In 2019, Darnitsa renewed its brand style. As a part of the rebranding, prescription drugs - Tiara Trio®, Tiara Duo and launches of the year 2019 - Preventor, Perindopress A, Plasmoven have already received a new package style.

In October 2019, Darnitsa introduced a new logo. It combines the Latin d - the first letter of the company name and a stylized image of a microscope - constant search, research and new solutions.

The Pharmaceutical Company “Darnitsa” was founded in 1930. Since 1998 it has been the leader in the production of drugs by volume in Ukraine. Darnitsa's share in 2019 was 13.76%. Every seventh pack of drugs on the pharmacy shelves is produced by Darnitsa. The company's product portfolio includes about 280 ready-to-use medicines. Strategic areas of portfolio development are cardiology, neurology and pain management. Darnitsa products are exported to 16 countries of the world. In 2016-2018, the company’s net income was increasing by an average of 18.6% annually. In the same period, net income increased by an average of 15.7% per year. The beneficiaries of the Pharmaceutical Company “Darnitsa” are the Zagoriy family.