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22 November 2021

Pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" took part in the online conference "Pharma Digital Day"

22 November 2021

Contemporary creative trends in the pharmaceutical market were illustrated by the case-winners of the Cannes Lions 2021 in the Pharmaceutical category.

Mozart died of rheumatic fever at the age of 35. What would have happened if the brilliant composer had lived to be 80 years old? What if there was a pandemic vaccine then? Pfizer, the world's first manufacturer of the COVID-19 vaccine, wanted to show that there is hope. With the help of artificial intelligence, three Mozart symphonies were generated, which he probably would have written if he had lived to be 80 years old. They were performed at the Shanghai Philharmonic and broadcast online.

The pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" is also ready to talk with hope about the future and has created a portal*, in order to open access to up-to-date information on the post-COVID-19 syndrome from leading international sources for a wide audience. The uniqueness of the resource lies in the fact that the company collects, analyzes and systematizes international practice and makes it accessible to a wide audience. Every word and every advice is backed up by evidence-based medicine, and information about symptoms is regularly updated.

  • Using the example of the case "Vagina Appreciation Day" from the brand of oral contraceptives Annovera, the influencer marketing in pharmaceuticals was analyzed.

The campaign was held on the Day of Gratitude to the Vagina (April 23) with the participation of stand-up speaker Whitney Cummings in order to encourage dialogue about the female reproductive system. The popularization of the use of Annovera oral contraceptives was carried out with the help of celebrity posts on her social media pages.

The pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" has created an online gender project about women's pain of a different nature. Together with the TheDevochki resource and bloggers, the company raises issues of pain in women. Each category of pain involves bloggers who actually suffer from this problem and write about it on their social media pages. In October and November, we talked about migraines with Sabina Musina, Katia Blostka, Lada Holi, Kateryna Holtsberh.

  • The trend of personalization of content for the target audience was considered on the example of the case "Where babies came from" from the pioneer in infertility treatment of the Austrian company Genea.

Genea created a provocative film spreading among IVF patients in order to encourage a frank conversation about artificial insemination. Messengers and social networks were used for spreading.

Darnitsa has created an advertising campaign to promote the drug "Miramistin"**, which is intended for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, speaking with a young target audience in their language and using telegram and TikTok platforms close to them

So, there is a place for creativity even in the pharmaceutical market and Ukrainian players, such as the pharmaceutical company Darnitsa, are already successfully implementing foreign experience in their practice.

The online Pharma Digital Day conference was held on October 18, 2021. The conference was held for the third time on the WebPromoExperts platform and gathered representatives of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers on the market. The following important topics were considered during the conference: how to integrate digital promotions into the overall marketing strategy, how to convey important information to the audience and not break the law, use effective digital tools during and after the pandemic, what are the differences in the promotion of RX comparing with OTC drugs.


PJSC pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" was founded in 1930 and this year celebrates its 91st anniversary. Since 1998, Darnitsa has been the leader in Ukraine in terms of the volume of production of medicines in kind. The strategic directions of the portfolio development are cardiology, neurology, solving pain problems. During 2015-2020, Darnitsa released 50 pharmaceutical brands to the market.

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