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13 January 2022

The main "players" in the future will be those people who study and develop every day, – Shymkiv

13 January 2022

Learning & Development (L&D) is the most important tool for the development of a person and a company. Dmytro Shymkiv, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group, told about this during the StudyDive L&D Club Meetup, where the heads of leading Ukrainian companies discuss how to prepare their organizations for changes in the post-crisis world.

As Dmytro Shymkiv noted, the future of companies depends on what role the process of training and development of all employees plays in them. This should be done by the owner, CEO-head or supervisory board, if available. The leading role of the company's governing bodies lies in forming a vision of where the organization is moving, the principles of work and giving people the opportunity to develop key competencies.

Among the most important skills of the future, the head of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group named five: leadership and empathy, storytelling, the ability to work with data and IT.

During his speech, he noted that every employee should have these skills, regardless of his position. Managers should form a "sense of ownership" among employees, when everyone in the company cares about its future like it's his personal project.

As an example, he referred to the pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa", where the feeling of emotional and intellectual involvement in work, the thirst for new skills is part of the corporate culture.

“We want that employees, teams were interchangeable to insure each other. Darnitsa constantly invests in educational programs for its employees: scholarships, universities and the like, in particular, it gives the opportunity to study at Harvard Medical School/HMX, - Dmytro Shymkiv said. – This online training is not only for medical or pharmaceutical workers, but for everyone. Because we believe that this is the best investment in the future. Personally, I have to get some new training every six months, which will make me better.”

Darnitsa also invests in the education of pharmaceutical students who are currently studying at domestic universities and may eventually become employees of the company. According to the directory "Pharmaceuticals of Ukraine 2021", about 4.5 thousand future specialists are currently studying in the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, in order for the L&D direction to be effective, each person needs an individual approach, Dmytro Shymkiv notes.

“Therefore, there are people in the organization who coordinate such processes. It's a very difficult thing to understand a person's profile, to understand what is missing, but also to understand what a set of tools is that you can use. It is necessary to constantly provoke people's desire to learn. Those who study and develop receive a behavioral model in the organization. When there is a behavioral model, people who did not want to learn begin to catch up,” - he says.

Educational opportunities have a positive impact not only on the personal skills of the employee, but also on the team in general. In Darnitsa, investments in education have already begun to bear fruit: the company has a mechanism for the free exchange of ideas, where each employee is encouraged to share their proposals. The Idea Box platform works for the exchange of ideas.

Thanks to this approach, Darnitsa retains leadership in the production of medicines in natural terms* for many years and is among the TOP-20 best employers according to the research of one of the Ukrainian personnel portals.

*"Pharmaceuticals of Ukraine 2021", Top Lead

Specialized edition for medical institutions and doctors.