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New Marketing Trends in the Pharmaceutical Retail Market - Filiniuk

“The target audience of pharmaceutical manufacturers is getting increasingly more modern and digital. Companies need to take this into account while shaping their marketing strategies”.

Such opinion was expressed by Olena Filiniuk, Commercial Director of Pharmaceutical Firm “Darnitsa” in the course of her speech at the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Forum.

“Millennials dictate the culture of consumption of information that influences the formation of the culture of consumption of drug therapy. We need to speak their language and communicate through the channels that millennials use daily. That's why our task is to include multi-channel communications with online marketing with exciting content for this target audience,” she observed.

Olena Filiniuk emphasized that no one cancels classic marketing, and efficiency gains, augmented services, an inclination for loyalty and convenience in retail are still important components of marketing.

“We are all gradually moving to the emotional field, and the patient's loyalty begins to be more emotional than rational. And one of the tools of emotional contact with the consumer is to create a holistic picture of the product for the patient,” Olena explained.

She cited the recent rebranding of Darnitsa as an example of emotional contact. The packs of pharmaceutical products are made in a new design and when laid on the shelves of pharmacies they form a puzzle, while carrying the brand image, telling the consumer about the action of the drug, its components, method of use.

Olena Filiniuk also listed 10 key global trends which will determine the nature of the retail pharmaceutical market in the very near future:

1. The generation of the two-thousandth is the driving demographic force of the future.

2. Effectiveness of communication with the consumer goes beyond traditional marketing

3. Consistent optimized multi-channel offering allows you to engage with the consumer through any channel 24/7

4. The emotional component of communication with the consumer will play an increasingly more important role

5. It is important to expand the services offered by pharmacies, from which patients expect additional services

6. Expansion into related categories of prevention and healthy lifestyle (HLS)

7. The increase in demand will be driven by customer impressions

8. Consumer loyalty programs that improve access to drug therapy are still important

9. Formation of local “health zones” in pharmacies

10. Patients of the future are looking for reliable, trusted advisors

At the end of her report, Olena emphasized the importance of synergizing all pharmaceutical market players for the benefit of the patient.