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21 October 2021

Business case: Darnitsa launched the corporate internal social network Workplace from Facebook

21 October 2021

Workplace is a modern internal communication tool for companies designed to develop corporate culture. The pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" introduced the system in September 2021 and within a month 94% of employees registered on the social network. The first positive changes are openness and readiness for dialogue at all levels, an increase in the speed of interaction. 


Social media today is an important part of communication, an effective tool for interaction, including for business. Nowadays, the company's employees need socialization, communication and exchange of ideas.

Besides, the pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" has about 32% of employees whose work tasks do not include the need for e-mail. These are some employees of the production, laboratory, warehouse complex and transport department. And these employees also need to be attracted to the information space of the company.


Part of the strategy of the pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" is to develop corporate culture by introducing modern means of communication. It is important to build internal communications from a position of dialogue, when everyone has the right to vote and feels their involvement in the common goal and business goals of the company. And also, to bring the user experience of employees at work closer to the one they have outside of work.


Facebook's Workplace network has become the tool that has united thousands of employees into one team of like-minded people who are ready to help each other in any situation.

Workplace is an internal corporate social network that allows you to communicate in real time, create groups on relevant topics, add personal publications, participate in interviews and more. The platform has a Facebook interface, so it is intuitively close and understandable to everyone.


Workplace started on September 15, 2021. On the first day, about 55% of the staff joined the platform, and according to the results of the month – 94%. As of October 2021, 97.34% of active users on the platform, about 500 articles, 600 comments, 7,000 reactions and 30 profile groups.

On the Workplace platform, employees can openly discuss important topics and gather for online events. The platform allows the company to listen to everyone, and employees to keep their eye on the ball and always be informed of important events.

Olena Sokolova, HR Director of the pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa”: 

"The introduction of such a modern communication tool as Workplace is a natural and conscious choice for us on the path of transformation, readiness for the future and ensuring the further growth of Darnitsa. The possibility of an open dialogue between top management and employees, the exchange of ideas and news, the opportunity to find like-minded people or friends with the same interests - all this qualitatively changes the context in which we work for the better."


PJSC pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" was founded in 1930 and this year celebrates its 91st anniversary. Since 1998, Darnitsa has been the leader in Ukraine in terms of the volume of production of medicines in kind. Darnitsa's products are exported to 15 countries around the world. The company's mission is to help medical workers and patients improve their quality of life through science, innovation and accessibility The beneficiaries of the company are the Zahorii family.

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