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14 December 2021

Darnitsa took part in a study of the European Training Foundation

14 December 2021

On December 6, the next stage of the study of the  European Training Foundation (ETF) on the future needs for skills in the field of health protection of Ukraine took place. Namely, an online seminar was held with key stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the interim study, coordinate the volumes and obtain materials for the next stage of work. - it is reported on the company's website.

Ihor Nykyforchyn, Director of Medical Affairs of the pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" took part in a discussion panel where the factors contributing to changes in the healthcare sector, the main investments in new technologies in the sector and how these investments will affect workplaces and qualification needs in the sector were discussed. The seminar was also attended by representatives of the Institute of Professional Qualifications, the World Bank, the School of Health of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, etc.

The study involves several stages of data analysis, fieldwork and interviews, and the publication of the national report is planned for the end of March 2022.

The European Training Foundation (ETF) conducts industry research to determine future qualification needs in selected industries of partner countries, which are affected by many global changes in factors (technological changes, innovations, globalization, climate change, new regulations, etc.).

Considering the current reforms of the healthcare system in Ukraine, the ETF initiated a new study that would allow documenting changes in the tasks associated with the relevant activities and new qualification needs in the field of health protection in Ukraine. The healthcare industry covers a very wide range of activities, including the provision of many services (primary care, secondary care, tertiary care, home and community health care, health research and biotechnology), and the production and sale of all medical equipment and medicines.

Now in Ukraine, medical workers get into the center of a political, managerial and technological transition, which requires their professional development and retraining. Technical, technological and end-to-end (core) skills are becoming increasingly important for all employees involved in direct work with patients to ensure human-centricity, increase productivity, preserve work and have fun with it. Stable skills include interpersonal skills (i.e. human-centered communication, professional teamwork, self-awareness and sociocultural sensitivity), analytical skills (i.e. adaptive problem solving to develop individual assistance plans for individuals, systems thinking, openness to continuous learning) and the ability to effectively use digital technologies. On the background of this complex system of health protection, which has developed from the point of view of management, technology and emotional content, this study aims to become a new evidence base for new qualification needs and changes in professional profiles in the field of health protection in Ukraine.

«New global and local trends in the field of healthcare, catalyzed by the pandemic, and the introduction of new technologies and formats of cooperation into our lives are growing exponentially. This creates new opportunities in the healthcare system, medicine and pharmaceuticals, but at the same time requires new competencies and skills from all industry participants, not only to be ready for changes, but also to realize new opportunities in full and gain competitive advantages.» - It was noted by Ihor Nykyforchyn, Director of medical affairs of the pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa".


PJSC pharmaceutical company «Darnitsa» was founded in 1930 and this year celebrates its 91st anniversary. Since 1998, Darnitsa has been the leader in Ukraine in terms of the volume of production of medicines in kind. The strategic directions of the portfolio development are cardiology, neurology, and pain problem-solving. During 2015-2020, Darnitsa released 50 pharmaceutical brands to the market

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